7 Years with WordPress. Wooh!

7 Years With WordPress

9 months back since my last blog post, and probably 9 months ago too since I last opened this account, so it was a happy surprise to see this . Thank you WordPress indeed!

So, what brought me here? I don’t know, but I am certain that I miss blogging. No, I didn’t stop writing because I still do, in my journal (Not often as well, but I still do). So… I think everything is okay.  Same look and feel of WordPress, and same kind of feeling when I write a post (Like I do not know anymore how to blog). It kind of makes me feel nostalgic hehe..

When the time is right, posts from mine will come flooding your emails. Right now, I am just happy to share this celebration with you all. Ciao

#onceabloggeralwaysablogger ❤

Prayer Of A Friend

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the lives of my friends. Thank you for everything that they are and for all their gifts and talents. I thank you for the many things that they have given to others and for all the kindness that they have shown me.

Lord, I pray that forgiveness reigns in our lives. I pray that Madel would find in her heart to forgive Joyce for everything that she may have done wrong, and so kept her from not enjoying life to the fullest. I also made some mistakes in our friendship and my only wish is that they may forgive me too. Lord I pray that all of Madel’s questions that were left unanswered, may you please show her that the answers are found in her own heart. She is an amazing woman and I love her to bits, and I am certain that yaye and joyce feel the same way too towards her.

As friends, we are willing to support and be patient on her upon taking that step to forgive everyone that she had done wrongly, and everyone that have caused her trouble. Lord, you have planted in our hearts only kindness, please guide us especially Madel to use this powerful weapon to good use and purpose. By this, I know you will open more doors of happiness and peace that she may have been waiting for a long time.

Lord, bless my friends and their families which are the source of their strengths. May your presence be their light and guide that they would honor when they take their everyday battles in life.

Lord, you know their needs like no one else knows. You know the ones that have secret pain, worries, and fears. I pray that you comfort them and bless them with your strength and restore their hope. I don’t know all of the challenges that they are facing right now, but you know everything. You hear what their hearts are saying, may you grant them with peace of mind to continue with their life and enjoy your creation to the fullest.

Lord, thank you for the assurance of good life when we turn our troubles unto you. Thank you for always guiding us in silence even though we sometimes forget to call on you, and tried to solve our problems on our own. Please forgive us all.

Lord, I also pray that Joyce’s journey on moving on be fulfilled, because I know that she deserves to be happy. She has always been a wonderful person and everyone would agree that it’s going to be different when she is not around. She has always been the most supportive person I have ever known and we will always and forever be glad to come to know her.

Thank you for bringing us all together as friends and please bring us more closer than before. I know this is your will and we are just thankful for everything that you’ve provided us.

I also pray for our friend Khrisna, she may not know how much we love her more than she loves us, but we will always be grateful for her life. She may have the most challenging past amongst us, but it didn’t give her the reason to give up. We are so looking at her as an inspiration that no matter what life gives us, we make something good out of it. We only hope that her life continuous to grow with your presence in her heart and may she continue to be the funniest person in our friendship, because everyone needs a little laugh when situations get tough.

Lastly, I come to you dear Lord to comfort and keep my friends Madel, Joyce and Khrisna close to you. Instill in us your loyal spirit. Show us how to listen deeply, forgive truthfully, and pray wholeheartedly with an open heart. In my love for my friends Lord, I ask you to intervene with our troubled hearts and bring peace to it.

Thank you for the gift of friendship, thank you for the gift of wonderful people in the forms of Madel, Joyce, and Khrisna. We have inspired each other, challenge each other, stretch each other’s patience, and encourage each other one way or another. I pray that we may not forget all these wonderful memories we gave each other.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen. :-* :-* :-*

Oh! The People You Meet..

I am one thankful lady here knowing that I’ve met many amazing people in my life. I’ve met beautiful people in the past couple of years and I am so thankful for their lives. I can’t thank God enough for putting them in my life. I am just overwhelmed tonight that I just can’t help but say it out loud for the world to know. I am just so grateful!! I do not know what would my life be without them, seriously!

A reminder of God’s greatest love to me. Placing the best people in the whole world in my life, and the most amazing ones. Oh, how blessed and thankful I am to have met these people.

xoxo: spread love

Are You Like Me? Bad In Remembering Passwords?

I have quite a lot of sites that I’m keeping, a couple of blogs and email accounts and some other sites that I signed up for. Do you also get caught up in a moment where you’ve been staring the login page for a while because you can’t remember your password? It happens all the time with me, and even with my laptop password. What I did though was placed in one file all my usernames and passwords which I keep on my google drive or here in my laptop, obviously the problem there was how can I access that file when I don’t even remember my computer’s password to access it?

Oh, the dilemma of people who are forgetful.. like me 😐

Reevaluating My S.E.L.F

Its 12mn of a very fine Monday! I woke up feeling great this morning! Can’t thank God enough for all the blessings and answered prayers He’s always granting to me.

Yesterday though I was contemplating on the things that I recently did.


1. I talked to my mom as if I am very sure of what I was telling her. The scenario was, I told mom that my nephew is very sick that I would bring a medicine to him. After she heard me, she went on rage with the mother of my nephew saying all the stuffs she could think of, whether why they are waiting for her to do some actions about my nephew.. and stuffs like where they are taking their money and all.

First of all, I am sick of all the bad things that she would most of the time accuse the mother of my nephews, in fact.. I am not sure if I am on my mom’s side or on theirs. I can’t blame my mom that she have this anger that I feel will never fade because she doesn’t want to let go of it or until the other party will do something to keep her from doing so. My mom is indeed a very helpful person, she is the type that says something but then do different thing as well, I guess she only wanted to help by saying what they could’ve done with their life.

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You’ve been driving yourself too hard lately.

Today we believe God wants us to know that you’ve been driving yourself too hard lately.

Sure, there is time to invest yourself fully into work, but there is equally important time for joyful resting. And for you, this time is now. What is the absolutely most wonderful little treat you can give yourself? Do it today.

My daily God wants you to know message. Its so timing because I have been trying these past few days to get a job, like very seriously. I haven’t mentioned it here though that I got hired on May in one of the largest BPO company here in the Philippines, but I left because of a reason. I just couldn’t balance studies and full time work, that’s why I decided to quit and opt for online job. That way it’ll be less of load, since my travel time from work to school was 3hrs coming and going back. Now, when I got this message I immediately thought if I’m really pushing my self too hard that God or whoever is behind the app could sense it. I stopped for a while though, thinking maybe.. and thought I need to stop even for a while, and just enjoy the moment.  I honestly felt quite bad, I mean I asked myself ‘did it already feel too tired because of what I am doing to it recently?

Then I set my mind, I said that nobody is pressuring me though so why do it to my self? So instead of being too hard on myself, enjoy the moment. Enjoy that I have the time to write more since I was crying to write about whatever for my blog. Also, to enjoy life itself since I went through tough times, forget about the past, as in truly forget about it but keep the lesson I learned from it. And ultimately, appreciate every single day that I’m at home, with my mom. Glad that I have these signs and messages that somehow kept my thinking a bit organized when I’m lost in the moment.


So, this is my first time to do “Friday currently”, its actually my version of others “Sunday Currently”. I just thought that its the perfect time to do it because I was listening to something worth to share, and also, doing stuff quite interesting to share as well.



Nothin. 😦


Nothing, but I have been wanting to write about something, something that I still do not know. Like, I know I wanna write but about what? I couldn’t actually think of interesting topic to write something about. I even googled for topics so I can get an idea, but naa.. nothing catches my attention.


To Ignition by R. Kelly – brings back good old mem’ries


If I pass the interview earlier to be an English tutor.


Lavender soap that our kasambahay just use


To get that English Tutor post.


To get a part time job, home based because I need an extra income.


Lavender- pink ish.. polo top and black short.


Myself currently, since I just finished my exam in the morning which I am quite happy about because I reviewed.


Wanting to start with my online business already! But I am stuck with getting a good name for it.


Needing to get a job badly!


Hopeful that I pass my interview earlier. That’s it.

there you go. Gotta bounce now and hit the sack. I just wanna tell myself that today was a long day and I have accomplished good couple of stuffs. Tomorrow will be wonderful! Thank God for this day!

xoxo :