So, this is my first time to do “Friday currently”, its actually my version of others “Sunday Currently”. I just thought that its the perfect time to do it because I was listening to something worth to share, and also, doing stuff quite interesting to share as well.



Nothin. ūüė¶


Nothing, but I have been wanting to write about something, something that I still do not know. Like, I know I wanna write but about what? I couldn’t actually think of interesting topic to write something about. I even googled for topics so I can get an idea, but naa.. nothing catches my attention.


To Ignition by R. Kelly – brings back good old mem’ries


If I pass the interview earlier to be an English tutor.


Lavender soap that our kasambahay just use


To get that English Tutor post.


To get a part time job, home based because I need an extra income.


Lavender- pink ish.. polo top and black short.


Myself currently, since I just finished my exam in the morning which I am quite happy about because I reviewed.


Wanting to start with my online business already! But I am stuck with getting a good name for it.


Needing to get a job badly!


Hopeful that I pass my interview earlier. That’s it.

there you go. Gotta bounce now and hit the sack. I just wanna tell myself that today was a long day and I have accomplished good couple of stuffs. Tomorrow will be wonderful! Thank God for this day!

xoxo :


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