Revelation Thursday: I Already Have Babies

Today’s entry of mine will be very personal, sensitive and extra special, because as you all read from the title this will be about a revelation. Yes, I already have babies! So without any more fuss, I am sharing their pics from the time I thought they can handle to pose for one.

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Aren’t they the cutest? I’m one proud momma here to be able to raise them from seedlings to what they are right now. By the way, it is cherry tomatoes, I still feel bad though for my babies on 2nd tray because I haven’t transferred them in pots, but don’t worry my children I will do so on Sunday, and momma won’t be breaking her promise. 🙂

So, where did I get the idea to grow cherry tomatoes?

It is actually by accident. The story is this, mom, Kris and I were eating at S&R, from which I ordered caesar salad because I was into vegetables salad all August, and obviously, salads come with some cherry tomatoes and since the serving is also a little bit big for me, I wasn’t able to finish it, So, I thought about taking them home and plant it, but just for pure fun, because mom has okra planted at home, I also want to have a plant for myself. We got 3 cherry tomatoes, Kris and I split it, I got two and he got one which we all put initially in the rectangular tray before I transferred it to single pots.

To my surprise and from searching online, I found out that cherry tomatoes grows in direct sunlight which got me even more interested and excited because I initially thought it will only grow in cold places or weather.  And it was right, it is not hard to take care of it, so long that it can receive direct sunlight for 8hours, it should be fine, and watering it is also not so hard, I water them regularly or as soon as I see the soil is drying up, but since its rainy season it also helped me.

Fast forward to almost 7 weeks, here they are. Two of them has a little flower already! Seriously, it brings so much joy to me, I never tried to plant anything before, and on first try, it is successful, its so overwhelming!

I am planning to grow carrots next time (from seeds too), coz I find it so rewarding to see its stages, like what they say from ground up.

I hope to inspire you too to start planting your first. Trust me the reward is fulfilling. 🙂


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