I Cried Many Times.


A movie that will ruin your mascara big time. But it’s worth it!


I’ve been wanting to watch this movie since after I watched its trailer. And so, on Sunday, 15th October, mom and I finally got to watch the movie. I’m so excited to share my thoughts about this film, I knew I will be writing a post about it because I’ve already sense it. True enough its a good movie to write about one. For those who haven’t, do not worry because I will not be a spoiler of the movie in this post.

Obvious enough that the movie is about family, and I’m sure everyone will be able to relate to the movie one way or another.  You know, at some situations in the movie, I see myself in each characters. I also felt that the story was very personal, as if it was made based on our story. Ronaldo Valdez (in the movie), was like my grandfather (who passed away last month), white haired, happy man.. so, I can relate, and I could see him in his character. He was on my mind all throughout the movie. In addition, my grandmother died before my grandpa, so it is most probably the reason why my tears are also too shallow for this kind of film.

When the movie started rolling, and complications between the family shows, I found myself already teary eyed. I don’t know but this movie touched me by the heart I couldn’t imagine. My mom on the other hand, were fine, I didn’t see her wipe any tears at all, but me, oh~ my heart broke many times with this movie.

Few of the reasons why I cried.

  • I cried.. because it reminded me that I didn’t have at least Seven Sundays with my grandmother and grandfather before they bid goodbye.
  • I cried.. because I could’ve spent more time, or at the least Seven Sundays with them, and make those counts, but I didn’t.
  • I cried because I see myself with his children that they are too busy growing up and fixing their own lives, forgetting they are also growing old.
  • I cried because as much as we like to stay connected with our roots, as humans, we are somehow destined to fall to the pitfall of this earth.
  • I cried…  because I remembered my eldest brother (he passed away 9years ago) with the eldest character in the film portrayed by Aga Muhlach. When I was young, I thought my brother looks like him because they have the same body built and fashion (more of outfit style) statement. I was so close to him, and I loved him so much.
  • I cried… because I was jealous with the characters in the sense of, they are simply a normal family. My family was also the same before my eldest brother, grandmother, and grandfather died. I felt my life was more complete when I had them.
  • I cried because I felt sorry for him (the father), that he had struggles gathering all his children so they could spend more time with each other, when he shouldn’t beg for it in the first place.

You can say though that you may know the majority of the story because usually movie trailers here in the Philippines would give all the highlights of the movie, and that you’ll watch it just to see how the story gets connected. But this film has more twists and stories to tell!

I’m proud of this movie, and I hope to see a lot of this kind. It brought some of the deep truths about family, as well as how wonderful it is to have people we call ..



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