Treasure, That Is What They Are.

old man phone

We are so busy with our own life that we forget to give our parents/grandparents a call to just even say Hi and ask them how are they doing. We are so busy growing up and attending to our needs and other people’s needs. We were already eaten by the world. Today, life took over to one of the most important thing in this world, our Family/Parents. Its true, bitter as it may seem but its the truth, we don’t have much time for our parents, we let ourselves go with the flow of life, thinking we don’t have control over it. For us, we’re always short of time when it comes to them. While when we were young they never have the time to stop loving and nurturing us.

Each time I look back and reminisce my childhood days, I still can’t believe it was that awesome, and I know in my heart its because of my Grandparents. I was so grateful they let me experience what I experienced.

Now as I grew older, indeed, like took its toll on me. I became so attached to the world, to my work, to my friends, to my “wants”, to everything. At a point I don’t recall the last time I called them.

The first time I saw this picture it already touched my heart, and immediately I grabbed my phone to call mom.

I guess that’s a reality we will often overlook. The reality of growing older and unconsciously leaving some important things behind.

When have you last called your parents for a simple hello?


Summary Of The Past Year [Supposedly for 05 January Blog Post]

Today, it obviously feels like all of me are in mood for blogging. What a good way to start the year 2015. For the past year a lot has happened, trials, triumph, etc., and as an attempt to gather all the highlights of the past year, I’m gonna give it a shot this way. What I think changed from me and other lessons learned.

I’ve finally learned to expect less. Few have known that it’s been a long time struggle taking my expectation lower possible. I’ve always been the type of person who really cares and it would show in my actions and efforts and not luckily, I expect the same from others. I know that we are not all the same, but I was holding to this thing that whatever I give to the world would be given back to me. I was all wrong. Instead I learned that we are asked to give the best we can but not necessarily expect it in return.

As time goes by, and only until I shake my head up to this realization that I got over with expecting so much. Indeed, it was a good move to be free and just do what I want to do if I thought it makes me happy and expect none or less atleast. This, I’ve learned and getting good at it.

“She doesn’t have the same heart as mine.” When there are situations unfavourable to me, I always just think of this. Certainly, I can not expect people to do the same for me. It is related to the first one listed, if only I could describe how this is a huge struggle for me.

Don’t try to push/force things. This is in terms of trying to be heard. I love talking and I like to always speak my mind, I believe that’s my talent. But sometimes even I, gets mad to myself. There are words that needs no more explanation, words that I don’t have to further describe why I didn’t agree or why I agreed. I just have to let it be. This prevents me from hurting others and hurting myself, I never want to regret words I never meant in the first place.

I learned to be submissive. I learned that I don’t always have to win everybody, I don’t have to always show them I’m above them, as true act of maturity is being able to influence others by lifting them up, showing them how to play in life fairly. I am an admitted superior, and I admit that I never get out in any argument without speaking what’s all in my mind and you have to either prove me I’m wrong or you’re right. I don’t buy lame excuses, people. But I learned that it’s not all like that. People whether you’re above them or below them, respecting them isn’t only measured by not telling them they’re stupid but making them feel that you are there to help them to whatever is lacking from them.

I am more matured now. I can feel it! Indeed, a lot has changed in me for better. I can’t list ’em all one-by-one but I can feel it. One of it was, before I like it when I feel that people are intimidated by my presence, but I realized it can be good/tolerable when I was young but not at my age now. I have to give that up for youngster.

I learned to be more rational. I’d been trying and studying to be more rational since before, and only until the past year I was able to really live with it. Maybe because I’ve met a lot of people too and although I don’t fancy some of them, I took the lessons I learned from them unconsciously.

Spend wisely. May I say if not because I met Kris I wouldn’t be able to know how to spend my earnings wisely, as well as making decisions wisely. One of the greatest things Kris taught me was to spend wisely! Although I knew this, I have plans for where my earnings will be going, but I still have things I will never see as ‘wants’ because I’m defending it.

Plan your journey ahead. This I learned myself. I have so many plans for our relationship, and what I learned, to get something done I have to plan it. I have to set dates on when I want to achieve it. I learned that its less hassle to purchase tickets ahead of time so when the date comes, its off the list and its less stress.

When you have a love life, you cannot do the same thing you used to do. I enjoy being occupied. I enjoy being busy myself with activities and all. But when I got my love life, it isn’t easy to just do all of those things anymore. Priorities changed and as much as I would like to enjoy my life alone, I don’t. I want him to be in it. I want to share it with him. I am not sure how do you guys want to put it, but to me I feel like I became two when I have my love life. Its a good thing because all emotions are shared.

Talk kindly. I do. But sometimes I still can get bad mouth and I’m not as aware of it before unlike today. Another thing I learned from Kris again. Although I don’t say bad words, there are words I am unaware of whether its hurtful already or not. Like, to me its my normal but to others it isn’t. Again, as I am more matured now I learned these things and now I am more aware than before.


Cope Up With The Blog Sunday.

Its been a long time! Yes! Here I am again, trying to get back to what I should be doing. Keeping the memories herein. It was January since my previous post, I know I missed a lot of things, stories to keep here in my blog for later reading which is why I started this blog in the first place. Actually, I had been thinking about blogging but I can’t gather my thoughts well to even start my sentence.

So then, I would sum up my January til today (April) happenings like this.

– I was busy on January since my February holiday vacation was already set up. I didn’t have that much time to sit and blog because work requires my full attention, leaving 5% for myself. Plus, I was really you can say excited, that all I did was think of what will happen during my holiday in the Philippines, with my family, with my love.

– Early February was the same, I was so so busy doing work stuffs, since there was an event, and like every Marketing person, here goes Marketing Duties. I had to prepare 3 brochures, 1 email campaign, 1 roll up banner, and stuffs. I even went for work day before my flight, stayed passed an hour my schedule as I had to make sure I prepared everything. My flight was at 3am next day. All went okay, thank God.

– During my holiday, my boyfriend and I stayed at home for 2 days to get the favour of my mom 🙂 although I informed her we’ll be going out of town for a week, you know I have to do these stuffs still.

– February 16, 2015 – February 21 we were at Batanes! Got another post for this trip, check it out soon.

– March 5-7, 2015 – Macau. Went to Macau for 3 days, will be doing a blog for this trip too.

– Somewhere between March 7 – March 14, 2015 went twice to Tagaytay for some viewing, little tour and fresh air.

-March 16, departure from Philippines. 😦

1 month holiday vacation wasn’t bad at all. I get to enjoy every time of my stay and I was just happy that this holiday was so worthwhile. I must say this was the busiest holiday I’ve ever been.

P E O PL E |I| A D M I R E

This post is in tribute to people who I admire. For those who knows me they can tell that I’m never a type of people person. I am a shy person. I get intimated easily. So, I really adore people I get to be friends with, simply because it’s hard to find people who are honest and trustworthy enough, and I can get along very well.

In random order.

Ate Doris Maganda

1. Ate Doris Maganda. 

I’ve known Ate Doris since late 2011. It all started in the metro train bridge. It was her first day for work, she asked for the direction to get to her building because she wasn’t sure about the place as she was new. We would always see each other in the lift and I knew then and there friendship has developed. We got even more closer when one time I needed a companion for the swimming lesson I was planning to enroll. I bumped into her on the streets and suddenly I was asking her if she would join me. So, we did swimming every week. I was so happy that day came. I get to know a very humble and kind person ever.

How she was from day one I saw her never changed. Instead she keeps on becoming more beautiful and humble. I admire everything about her, I admire how she would listen to all that I say, while sometimes I get bored to myself for talking non sense, but her, I always have her ears. She is very thoughtful and I so admire thoughtful people. We don’t see each other most of the time but she will always be here in my heart. I smiled when I thought about her. A very genuine person and I wish her all the best and happiness because more than anyone else she deserve it the most. I love you ate.

2. Ate Girlie.Ate Girl

What can I say with this woman. I hope she don’t mind. She is a woman because she has so much wisdom, she is a woman because she is glamorous, she is funny, she is smart, wise & I only pray for her someone she deserves.

Ate girlie and I were roommates. Although I don’t believe that much about roommates to become super girlfriends, her is an exception. I mean I didn’t choose her, neither she does, it’s just destiny or okay, God permitted. I’ve known her since September 2012 and who would’ve thought that for so many houses I’ve been to I would find someone like her. I admire her for being so cool. She just do not know, but I’ve learned so many things in life because of her, and mostly all of it I’m applying to my life and had contributed to who I am now. I know we’ve known each other not that long to really be able to say these things, believe me I am glad to know her.

We go out most of the time, breakfast, lunch, dinner together we’ve done that! Go outdoor, swim, movie, etc., she’s always ready for anything, she’s adventurous and for her, enjoy it while you can, savour the moment, dive yourself into what is there and just enjoy it and bring that experience along with you and use it.

I feel proud whenever I am with her, because more than her letting me be the person myself infront of her, she always brings out the best in me and supports me, she always shines. She shines when she talk, wisdom flows and it’s so radiating. I love her to bits. I am certain she’s one of the people I would rather spend more time having conversation with.

Ate girlie knows how to handle herself, how to reward herself and how to value other people. I admire the way she is. I know it will not be long enough that a man she truly deserves will come. I have a lot more to say about Ate Girlie and a page will not be enough to tell exactly everything why she’s one of the most beautiful person I ever met without any bias.  I mean I genuinely adore and admire her personality, her character, her attitude, her outlook in life – just amazing. Thank you Ate Girl!! xoxo:

3. Kris.


Kris enjoying Lobster.

I don’t mind talking about him over and over again as like everybody listed here, he’s for keeps. If there is one thing to describe him it is he’s simple, that’s it. I’ve known a lot of people who are so into the world that they are always at the disposal of approval of the society or the people around them. Kris taught me valuable things in life, I did take note of what he had told me from our conversation and from some petty fights we had surpassed. I admire how he can control himself, deal with himself when he had to and embrace change. I feel lucky to know him as a person and like what I always tell him, I will always be thankful for his life and the day that we crossed path. He had opened the doors in me that has been there waiting to be unlocked. I mean without anything else, he gave a different flavor to how I can see things, how I can take things and how I can respond to things differently and fairly.

4. Shelady.

I can not finish this post without She on my list. She’s like everything to me as a very good friend. Although we don’t talk as much as we used to, I know I will always have her back. She’s the first person, actually second to my cousin who I will always enjoy talking with about everything “oa” all night. I couldn’t say anything more as it will not end. Maybe, what I would like to mention instead is, how thankful I am that before I even have a romantic relationship she was there, ‘coz I felt like I don’t need someone because we are already great together. She, has dreams and what I like about her is she is doing something to achieve it. She would take small steps if she would have as long as it will lead her to achieving his goals. She is very brave, because she don’t give up easily and I don’t know where is she getting her motivation. She has loads of it. She, I really admire you big time for being strongest when at some situation it was really tough, but you always pull through it.

Seriously, whatever the heck I may be, I will always have her support. And if I need a bit of a kick she would do it and I am happy that we are like this.

I am just amazed and thankful to God that He brought me to meet these wonderful people, beautiful in their own way.

You Don’t Want It, But You Need It

How in just a year a lot can happen. Yesterday I got my glasses and use it right away as I feel so dizzy looking at far distance. It was just last year around September, I got I believe these signs that I needed to wear glasses already. I remembered it one afternoon I had to go outside office to do some stuffs. What a coincidence that I left my sunglasses at home so I had to bear the very sunny weather outside. After some time I felt dizzy and it was a different kind of dizziness, like I felt I’m squinting and the muscles from my eyes are so tight, I didn’t like it. I thought it was because the sun was too bright and the air was too humid plus it was sunny and all so I shook it off, then just made a promise to myself to never go out without sunglasses.

And it happened again, and again, and I even had to go to the doctor to have myself check as it was different. I knew it was a problem from my eyes but I was like mind over matter because the thought of having problem with my eyes, ugh I hate it. I was advised not to be stressed etc., given an oral rehydration because I was very low blood too. I was very careful since then yet, it happened again and that convinced me to go see an optometrist. I worked before in an Ophthalmology clinic so I just went there. I got my prescription though after my visit but I still didn’t have it made, instead I opted for contact lenses. That works for me, I mean some people prefer to wear glasses but I like the latter more as it is less hassle.

Anna wearing glasses

Doesn’t fit me well I really think so. 😛

Going back, there are really some things you can’t avoid. Although I am trying to be as healthy as I can and to be as caring to myself, some things are unavoidable. I don’t like to wear glasses for real, for fashion maybe yes but not like this. Anyhow, here’s another pic of me. I look like a teacher 😛

Anna with glasses

Going home from watching the play ‘Mama Mia’

I got my monthlies contact lens yesterday too. So today, I came to office with glasses first and in a few minutes put on the contacts.

Hashtag #firstpost for 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Welcome to 2015. It is so famous in Facebook the hashtag #firstselfie for the year 2015. To me it’s hashtag #firstpost, yes!! Here we are in 2015. This morning it just sink in to my mind that I’ve been here in Dubai for already 4 years, it was as if just recently I was asked what would my goal be for the next 5 years. 4 years down and only a year to be able to finish what I committed myself 4years ago. I regret not putting in words or in paper my goal 4 years back, I could’ve measure it. I could’ve seen if I was doing good or if I was on track for the last 4 years. I realized how time literally flies. There are so many things that changed and there are so many lessons I’ve learned that helped me become the better person I am now. Next time, I would be sharing those to you if I find time, actually I would make time for it.