Year End Gift For Myself

Nikon D7000

Nikon D7000

Yes! I got myself a Nikon camera D7000 – really a year end gift for myself.

I had post before that I like to learn photography too. But I was not very much motivated until Kris did. So the story behind it (I mean behind how I bought it) was, I am actually saving enough this month so by end of January next year I can buy this little toy. I like monitoring the price of an item and stock from time to time, coz I am quite thrifty, so where I get a good stuff and at good rate I would definitely go there. Last month I went to check it, it was USD 1,225 and I was like alright I had to save that money until early next year because “Big Sale” will be from January – February, being what I mentioned earlier, I went last weekend to go see if it’s still there and if the price changed where it did. It went down to USD 953. I was like “Ahuh, that’s cool and what about the freebies or accessories along with it.” What comes with it are the same accessories he mentioned before, the camera, 18-105mm lens, 8gb memory card that’s it. Went to 4 more stores and they typically didn’t change the price but one store will give you an iPad mini for the price of USD 1,225, in my head, remove the iPad mini I don’t need it and cut down the price but obviously it’s not possible. Although, I am happy to know that atleast the prices are changing that means it can go even lower than USD 953 by next year when it is a mall wide sale. Talked to the guy and left my number so he could inform me when the price gets even lower he will let me know.


Unboxing it for the first time 🙂

On my way home he called me saying that if I want the camera I have to place the order as they do not have the stock and have to order it, obviously I need to pay already and I do not have my paycheck until the following week only. So I initially said no, then, he said he’ll give me an additional freebies too, extra 55-200mm lens, cleaning kit and tripod. That sends bing to my ear hehe.. I told him “Yes, I’m gonna get it.” I do not know how and why I said that, I think it’s really a good deal as I also checked other mall and saw that the freebies 55-200mm and tripod alone cost USD 354 already.

NIkon Camera

I think it’s really for me, I got my paycheck on the same day and it’s all good timing. It’s a little awkward to hold it for the first time, although Kris had one before and I was able to experience it, but it’s awkward and awesome at the same time that I am holding it because it’s mine 🙂

Sorry guys, I sounded too oa I guess 🙂 I am just happy. So, yeah, now at night what I do is watch tutorials on how to get around with this little toy. 🙂

“Thank you Year 2014, I had so much of good memories in it!”

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
– Oprah Winfrey




June 28, 2010 is the birthday of my blog. It turned 4 years already! Whoa! Thanks to all!

A Laptop. A Diet Pepsi. And A Free Wifi.

I am having my lunch now at 1:28pm Dubai time. I got my laptop connected to a free wifi, diet pepsi and a good mood.- basically all I need.

I usually take my lunch at about this time because I couldn’t go for lunch as early as 12nn according to my new boss. So, I just figured this free wifi outside our office yesterday – outside our building actually. Most of the time when I finished my lunch and I still have a remaining time I go sit here outside the building and just look around, looking at the trees, enjoying the fresh air, imagining my future with my boyfriend Kris – just freeing my mind from work. Okay, how do I start this, day before yesterday I came to know that my colleague who is our Sales Person has a blog, so, I checked his blog yesterday and I am quite amazed at how a guy like him (somewhat masculine), I mean could have a blog that is very personal. To make the story short I got inspired by him. I thought about mine, how many stories I owe my blog already.

Let me start sharing the things I can remember to you guys. So for your information I went for a vacation last year Dec 2013 – early January 2014 and to share how that vacation went I probably would just make another post for that. I came back here in Dubai on January 10, 2014 and for others who do not know I finished my contract with my company. So from then on until Feb 16 I did a huge job hunting, I’ve went door-to-door to pass my cv’s and applied on each post on the internet, put my name on ads – basically I did everything just to make sure I could find a new job. Luckily, I got into this IT company.

I am a Marketing Executive cum office manager in this company and I could say that I’ve done a pretty good decision about joining here. Another thing that makes me really really thankful to God aside from all that he had blessed me. To be honest it is a dream come true let me tell you how. Here in Dubai they make their city like a cluster, they have Knowledge Village, Media City, Internet City, International City, Dubai Investment City., etc – they basically cluster everything they can. When I first arrived here and I got to know about these, my dream was to be working in Internet City where all IT’s are working. And look now even I, can’t imagine that simple dream would really come true. Catch as well is I am being paid way higher compared to my previous company, I am working as an IT and I am in Dubai Internet City, how cool was that?!

I have only been here for less than 2 months but you bet I learned a lot already, I finished a website, I did 3 email campaigns, first one was sent to 10,000 email addresses and one is still to be send and I got a bonus! Again, how cool was that?! I am really thankful for just everything right now. I have a good love, family and work life, it’s just coming all together great.

We are currently working in a new project, a new phone application. The application works as a points storage, we haven’t really discussed about it but my role for that project would be marketing obviously, I would be busy designing the website and email campaigns again. I was told that I would also be involved a little bit in Sales and in demos, so yeah. At first I was a little afraid when the boss said I’ll be involve in Sales because it is not my thing I guess. But I like the idea of it too, it would be a great opportunity for me as well.

I think that’s all for now, I have to rush back to the office and continue setting up email campaigns and cleaning our lists – this takes a lot time, cleaning email addresses and having it validated.

Catch ya soon guys!

*this post was meant to be published yesterday. I didn’t notice that I only did save draft instead of publish. 🙂

Lovely Saturday.


Taken on Saturday 12th April in Pull & Bear store with my good friend/flatmate ate girlie.

I only tried on the hat but I didn’t buy it. It’s pretty cool isn’t it?

Anyway, I bought a pair of sandals at Pull & Bear for less than 200 bucks. Oh yeah, it is quite expensive. But it’s okay I don’t always buy sandals anyway.

So, yeah I’d like to just share this picture with you guys.  I know a lot has changed with me. I gained weight (which is obvious) and taste for stuffs changed too. I am not an impulsive buyer anymore too. I think twice or most often many times before purchasing a product. I would identify it first if it is a need or a want before making a decision. 🙂

I think I am very kuripot already.

By the way, I enjoyed this day! Oh, first I went for work for 5hours, then ate girlie and I met at 5pm. We went straight ahead to the salon where she will have her hair colour done and I did hairspa as well. Then, we went to the restaurant chain beside it, they’re offering dinner buffet. So, we had buffet and guys, we were so full!

After having a huge meal, because I really wanted to go to Deira City Center mall, I convince her to join me although it was 8pm already when we left the restaurant. Went to each store we both like. Put on these and that, and all. I liked a couple of things but because I told you I am a wise buyer now, I only bought sandals. That’s all.

I suddenly realized the more I have income the more kuripot I become. I remember when I got my first compensation from my first ever job. I would spend atleast 500bucks for my stuffs tops, makeups, dresses and etc., and now the least I want to spend is less than 200bucks. 🙂 Anyhow, I’m benefiting with it. Now, I could say I am more mature than I was.

We were able to go home by 11pm, the train was still open because it’s weekend so, lucky us as well. Now, since it was late that we reached home. We both woke up late and came to the office LATE haha! Lesson there would be, don’t shop until midnight especially when you have work tomorrow. 🙂

But it was a very good day! Such fun gala with her! 🙂

What I was always told.

Things I remembered my Nanay (Grandma) & Tatay (Grandpa) were always telling me.

  • Grand Daughter, do not easily get angry. When on the jeepney and it is dense, give way a little bit. It’s not good to be angry. -grandma
  • Grand Daughter, your collar is – let me fix it for you come here – grandma.
  • Daughter, let me wash the plates. You washed your laundry already, so you must take a rest. I will do it. – grandpa

6:00pm grandma will always have her chair outside the driveway gate, waiting for me to come from school.

  • Oh, you’re here. Come, you change your clothes now and we’ll eat dinner. – grandma.
  • Do not stay too long in the mirror. You’re only going outside. – grandma. You are already beautiful – grandpa. 🙂
  • Be careful of your words daughter okay, speak slowly. -grandma
  • When I die, take care of your mother. If you will not, I will haunt you. -grandma (hehehe)
  • When somebody hit you with a stone, hit them with a bread (a typical proverbs) – grandma.
  • Is that newly bought? Do not buy a lot of things, you do not need it. Just buy what is necessary. Save your money. – grandma
  • When you grow old and working, you will know the value of money. – grandma
  • Daughter, after school come home okay. Your mom will ask us where you are and we do not know. – grandma/grandpa
  • Love you siblings, daughter. You are only three, you should depend on one another. – grandma

I am sure there are more things they had told me I just can not recall it all. It is really important that parents never gets tired of always reminding their kids especially when they’re young these things. Let them grow old having these on their minds. Their unconscious self will be influenced by those words of wisdom. That happened to me. I thought it was just any typical parents are doing, and later on realized that, yeah, although it is not literally spoken I’m actually doing it. It never gets out of my mind. Those words of wisdom are part of who I am today.

Now I’m older, it all makes sense. All that they said is true or is same thing I would like to do with my future children. I want them to live those words of wisdom.

And it is what I’m trying to do with my nephews, although sometimes I would feel that they’re just ignoring what I said or thinks it is too cheesy. I still do it. As much as possible and as long as I can and I have something to tell them. I would do it.

You, what do you remember your dad/mom were always telling you when younger?

Monday’s Pain – 11 march 13

At home: I woke up 6:15am and take a bath right away.

7:15am left home. my duty starts at 8am. I reached the office at 7:30am. Wondering why I am very early. Well, i want to leave before my room mate finish using the bathroom. She also leave at 7:30am in the morning for work. And because we are not in good terms these days. I want to avoid her. Why? Well, I actually shouldn’t because there’s nothing for me to do so. We just had a miscommunication last friday and I do not know I just received a message from her saying “I would just enjoy myself alone, it seems like you don’t want to come to the mall with me anymore”, what a statement. It strucked me because where is this coming from? I don’t remember saying something that would make her think that way. But oh well, now although I shouldn’t get affected, I still am. The least I could do is probably just avoid her until she is ready to talk about it or when she maybe have forgotten and forgiven it.  She is a kind person and I wouldn’t want her to feel that way, that’s why I’m affected. But can’t I have room for myself even for a while?

I’m trying to act normal, it was always me who’s  initiating the greetings. Like earlier I was the one that said good morning before she said that, there’s rice ready and I could bring some for lunch.

I was the one that initiated last night’s greetings. When I saw her in the room, “hey, you’re early” and it was genuine. I honestly got excited seeing her tonight before I came. So, it was real, not just I’m faking it. But I could feel that,  she’s not okay. You know what, I’m trying to give her a time. So she can think things through. I know it’s all she needs. I’m still glad that we are still talking although not that much and it’s very casual.

moving on, At the office: 9:15am my colleague came. Good, I have a someone to accompany me already. But honestly, I could feel even better knowing I’m all alone and there’s no one to get help from. Look, she’s here but feels like she isn’t. She’s like invisible.

What I accomplished already.

Opening all the machines.

Sending all the patients of our sick doctor that she won’t be available today.

taking out the files for tomorrow.

arranging the new patient forms.

putting back on the sleeves the files of our patients yesterday.

whilst her,

9:15 she came. Sit on the cashier station.

open her book.

open the browser watching videos of what she was learning.

sit on the front desk – again, watch videos. what else? make coffee for herself.

She never been looking for something productive to do.

Now, the appointment schedule for today is not distributed yet and it will not be distributed by itself unless I do it. She wouldn’t do it.

Not even the aquarium’s light open.

what a work life.

confessions of today.

i really thought i owe this blog a lot , so here.

my lips are full of labello’s lip balm seriously, ah it’s all dry and chapping plus i have this cold and a sore throat since last thursday night. what a coincidence err? i am able to get a 3days off and can’t really take advantage of it.  see how lucky i am err.

oh, i don’t know  i just suddenly get a sore throat last thurs, i do not know from where i got it, or what food i ate. i just remembered i was eating a banana and right then, my throat become sore.. the next day (friday) i have this clogged nose on my left nostril and even i try to face to my right, thinking the clog would go on the other side, it didn’t. i’m such a poor kid hey.. so i just kept a hanky beside me which helps a lot.

geez, i just sneezed really loud.. ahh.. my eyes are teary and i have a runny nose. what’s happening huh, i’m not liking it. anyways, i sleep the whole day though, oh- no.. not really. i was reading actually.. i just finished a book, still trying to accomplish and resting at the same time. also, i wasn’t able to attend church yesterday, i had a bad migraine you wouldn’t imagine and i didn’t manage to wake up early or add that i’m not feeling really well, so i skip.

i have to battle with this “sickness” firstly otherwise i would just be sneezing for the whole period of 2hours, as our service takes 2hrs.

oh surely, others are enjoying their holidays while well, i’m not very jealous, though.. i could enjoy it maybe even more if i do not need to struggle from this cold and sore throat thing.

anyways, i’m still grateful that i have my days off to get rest. honestly, i was hesitant to write this, it’s just that i thought i have to, for no reason. alright! i’m hoping to get well sooner, even if i haven’t taken any med for cold or “sneezing” med, i took panadol though.. let’s see it it’ll work.

oh- wanna thank everybody who wished me to get well in facebook. i appreciated it. bye now!