You Make Good Fake Smile Anna!


Picture of a lady named Anna.

So this is me. Taken on 08 March 2013 at around 8pm. Ha! Who would have thought I was so stressed that day, that the only thing I can do is take a pic – of myself smiling like there’s nothing wrong going on. Oh yeah, I used to do that in my own room in the Philippines. It helped though, because whenever I smile and take pictures of myself. It’s like it won’t be good to hide those smiles when I can do it, even well.

Huh~ imagine how would a fake smile can deceive people. I just want to shout, look deeply into my eyes and see it yourself! I need someone who will sincerely ask me how am I? because I have this huge problem and I needed someone to really ask me.

Good job of me, isn’t it? ugh.


3 death sentence. 3 Fellow countrymen. 3 Filipino.

This has been in the news lately. I am a fun of tv news even in the Philippines, It makes me involved on what’s happening and just I find it necessary even if I couldn’t do anything but at least I am aware.

3 Filipino women are sentence to death being accused as drug carriers, what makes this more sad is they are just a victim by our fellow countrymen, the heck these people who doesn’t even consider why in the first place these people are trying their luck in the foreign country which is to earn and give their family a better life. Felt really pity to those 3 heroes, I think it’s time for our President to be the President we thought he could be, I believe and I don’t lose hope they will find a way. Would also like to take into consideration in this matter my fellow countrymen, please people we are here all stranger trying to give our luck a shot to save our family like almost every people do, we are sharing the same story in here, the same dream we are dreaming and with same goal we are aiming. You know, I am very proud to be called Filipino, though others already labeled us as those who are just after their money but hey at least we repay it with our ourselves like we don’t just work and get paid, what we do is more than anyone in this world could do, I remember the movie entitled “Caregiver” there is a scene where an old man said something like really got into the bone that made the actress whisper this line “I care about my job sir, I care about you..” definitely true.

To continue, could we act as human as God intended us to be? This world once again is a better world if we hold arms together and wish everyone good, I won’t say that it is easy as that coz there’s no such thing as easy for everyone that I know for certain,when it comes to being good the word easy is not the term, still I would like to believe that a light is compose of a lit, summing up the meaning of , in each ones soul there sleeping a good heart which just waiting to be triggered.

These heroes here are no other like us, has a family to raise with, kids which dreams need to fulfilled still and just a family waiting to be whole, now when could that ever happen? I know the feeling of leaving my own family, always and every night they’re on my mind, I know the feeling of being alone it’s like it’s a knife on my back but this all I have to bare to be able to provide what is needed same was with these people, I can’t hardly imagine that what they just did was just push their luck trying to see what’s life ahead of them, looking forward right away to those days they could be with their family again but now it’s all gone. Those times where every night I’m sure they are always praying for doesn’t seem to come true ever again because of what??? fellow countrymen! Felt really sad I couldn’t even stop for a minute trying not to think of what will happen now to their families especially their children, I again know the feeling of growing up alone I don’t regret it but I know God made me tough enough to handle that but I am wishing this not to happen to others as well coz they might not as lucky as I am.

Lessons learned I hope for everyone to please stop thinking for your own benefit, try also to be on the shoes of the others. Life was and is still and will always be unfair so lets not make it worst.

I wanna share a simple prayer to this:

Dear God,

I know you have been witnessed to these things as well and you see more than we could see, purpose has always been slipping in my mouth simply because I know you have the better purpose and that I really hold, and whatever purpose you may have for these heroes I know it will be for the better, I am just asking for your guidance to those people who seemed to take life over them, give them guidance to handle things your way, provide them with a mind whose as pure as yours and just help them see what you could see. You have been very true with all that you said and done with us and this one help them once more hold on to you. Take over our life our hearts and make it your kingdom. For the family of these 3 women rest assured that God is never wrong to everything, He never sleep, He never gave up and so we should. It might be painful but He knows what He is doing He is our God and our Dearest, take him as your shield when times seems to taking over and hope is nowhere to find. Thank you God and always we are bless with your loving arms and we thank you!


mar 01, 2011