What I Always Pray To God.

I always pray to God, and my way of sending my prayers is thru writing to Him. I thought that the journal that I have, is for me to document the things that happens to me, so I will be reminded of the events that happened in my life, but as I was reading them last night I realise that it is actually my prayer to God. All of my writings starts with me asking God how his day went, and hoping it went very well, then my turn on how my day went, the lessons I learned and ends with a prayer for my family.

I don’t end my writings without asking God for guidance and safety for my family, especially my loved ones that are far away from me like my Brother Bear, Mom,  Kris, Kris family, and my friends.  I once read that “For all we know, our blessings are not the fruits of our prayer alone, but those of another praying for us.” And I agree, that’s why I always try to make it to a point not to forget to mention in my prayers that they too stay faithful with God, and Continue reading


The Nature Of Humans.

What an amazing testament that more than the violence that the media kept on feeding us, the goodness of humans will always find its way, we are simply naturally good people. Unconsciously we care for other people, we always put ourselves in their shoes first and behave accordingly.

You Are Amazing, Yes You Are!

You are amazingI hope everybody’s feeling the same way as the picture. Lets all be proud of our achievements, small or big it makes a difference than nothing. Hey, you reading this, I hope that this attitude will continue on you, you deserve to be called strong for fighting your everyday battle. You deserve a love that is real and genuine, you are brave to get yourself into something you are uncertain for now, it will reward you in the future. You are amazing for following through your dreams and chase them, they will not come to you yes, and you are doing it right – chase them, work towards achieving it and always believe that you can make it. You have come to this point and there’s no way you will not be able to reach there.

Go Back To Childhood Days


10:33pm 15th May 2014.

Kid. Who’s happiness is the simplest. Getting ice cream on a bad day was already fine. Getting a hug after a cry was already the most comforting thing. Getting asked of what food we want because we have colds was already the sweetest. Getting apple from a visitor was already a nice surprise. Feeling proud after an exam because the question was what you exactly studied. Feeling luckiest when the teacher declared an early off. Feeling the prettiest when crush smiled back. Feeling the richest when its after Christmas.Those simple things that made up our day. A total bliss!

I could say that I am one of the luckiest person in the whole world for having a great childhood.

I also thought about comparing my life to others (atleast not very serious thinking) because others have more, more toys, more dresses, more shoes, more hair clips, and so on. I will always want to go back in my childhood days no matter what and do it again. My only concern then was what strategy I need to make to win that “Langit, Lupa” game, or that “Patintero” and “Luksong Tinik”. How I could gather money to buy a number of paper dolls to fill in the paper-cabinet I designed, cut, and colored. So simple I can’t compare it to what grown ups are facing now.

Childhood, is a thing of the past- surely, but everybody would always want to reminisce. It brings back memories of genuine happiness, simplicity of life, and freedom. To a young child, a petty quarrel can just be slept overnight and when dawn comes, it’s again a brand new day! A broken favourite toy can be replaced and no hard feelings will be left. A messy hair and face wasn’t a very big deal! Imagine.

Grown ups would always scream to how us, kids, were wasting our time playing nonsense outdoor game on a weekend instead of studying (Right! It was weekend!). But these are part of my childhood. Grown ups would always always try to teach us things we need to do to prepare us for the future. Although it seems to us that they’re hindering our rights to be a kid, they sure know better. How many times have you stealed a penny to buy that paper doll or that dirty ice cream, whose vendor kept on screaming “..Ice Creaammm..” They knew you took some! They knew why you are silent in the corner! They knew why you are suddenly become sweet! They knew why you offered to wash the dishes! Those are their ways to keep you in enjoying your days! But they knew we need to be a kid.

I treasured all the days of my past! I can still remember the last thing they used to hit me because I was one naughty kid. I can still recall how silly I was when I was asked to get water and stop by  infront of my Auntie’s door to watch my noontime cartoon show. Asked me to get oil and I brought in gasoline. All of it was amazing! Nothing compares how blissful that childhood was!

It made the first few chapters of my life interesting and wonderful.

4 Days To Go And It’s Payday

4 working days to go and all my hardwork for this month will be paid off. 4 days to go, I will be the very motivated girl again. 4 days to go, you’ll be seeing me in the mall, shops, restaurants, salon, etc., just 4 days!!

Weirdo! I am just the happiest! I guess it was already obvious since the beginning of this post =). Who agree with me that there is a force in every end of the month that gives everybody a motivation to come early and work harder. Ahhaha~ now, everybody can relate.

So, what do I do every end of the month?! To be honest, I don’t get to hold my money for until middle of the following month. I send remittance to my family back home, pay bills such house rent, transportation, phone bill and loans. Yes, it is quite a lot but luckily, I am still able to save regardless on how many things my budget has to deal with.

As usual although 4 days is just 4 days, it is still 4 days! got it? haha.. One thing I notice and I think the wrong with me is that I already plan where my money would go even before I actually hold it. So what always happen was, I get to hold my precious hardworked salary for only the first 2 weeks of the month.

I am literally the girl in this picture below. Hahaha!



Anyhow, it motivates me whenever I’m thinking that it is only going to be 4 days and I’ll be rich again. Hahaha! As usual, I’m posting irrelevant stuffs in here again. But, yeah.. that’s all, I just want to share what I’m feeling right now. 🙂

Btw, can I share with you guys this song “Enough” by BarlowGirl. It just played in the radio, I think it’s a good song. Listen to it. It’s nice!

Regularly Practicing Your Emotions To Grow In Size.

“All emotions grow in size when practiced regularly.

Practice love to have more love, practice hate to have more hate. Practice kindness to have more kindness, practice depression to have more depression. The choice is yours as always.”

This is perfect for what I am going through right now.

So, we had a deal to do skype or atleast facebook chat yesterday at 8pm (Dubai time). Before that, I planned to go elsewhere but he insisted to me to stay home instead. Since we rarely talked these past few days or since last week because of other commitments, I stayed and waited for him.

Unfortunately, that chat didn’t happen. We weren’t able to chat because he was stuck in a gathering with his friends he said, which could’ve been okay, if when he got the chance to message me, he told me he wouldn’t be able to make it, yet he got a chance to message me, but, promised me that it is still happening. So I wait for minutes, hours, another hour and another more, until midnight (Manila time).

Now, we were chatting and all, although I admit my heart was already feeling bad,  I guess it’s normal to girls to be mad for nothing, in this case I got mad of him because of what he was making me feel. I felt I was being left, like I was an option that only when he remember of, that’s when he would chat or get in touch with.

And I badly hate that feeling, I hate when you make me feel I’m a loser. I certainly felt that yesterday, but the thing is I can’t go angry with him and I don’t want to be angry at him. I just don’t ever want to.

And that message came to me today.

I just nod in front of my screen while reading it, I realized that if I go focus on the things I love about him and the good things he was always telling me then I wouldn’t get angry so easily. I would be more understanding and patient and, I would just be having good mood more, if only.

I thank this message. I thank how it reminded me about what I was always aiming since before, and that is to be a better person. Being good is natural to all of us, but staying good is the most difficult part. Being consistent to what you do and how you react to every situation, are factors that could identify if you are really trying to be “better”.

I would be needing more of this for sure. In addition, what they say about love and relationships are true. It’s difficult to handle when there is less understanding and patient between each other.

Yup, from this day on forth, I would practice love more and hatred less. Yes!